oh HI!

I love photography. I love being able to capture the small moments and the big ones. To have the ability to create images full of emotion and feelings and be able to show people what they feel in a picture is why I love doing this. Some feel awkward or nervous in front of a camera so it is a priority of mine to make everyone feel comfortable, have fun, and feel beautiful (or handsome for the fellas). I'm here ready to deliver amazing photos to amazing people, just like you! 

(the pics on the page is me on my wedding day, taken by my cutie friend Kate Touzel Photography, MI based photographer)

Little about me -- Born and raised in Denver, CO. Recently married to my best friend Justin (stud above). We lived in the midwest for a few years (Chicago and West Michigan) but now live in Colorado. We are always on the go and love to travel, love to hike, ski/snowboard, and anything Colorado! But we do travel to Michigan a lot to see family and to get in some lake time! I'm always up for adventure and new things with cool people so if you want to explore and take some pictures along the way let me know!

- xoxo